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Loving Difficult People ..

There has come the time when I accept the damages, the tears, the hurt, the frustration, the anger, and move into another realm. There are those that choose to live in the past of their darkness. Leave them there!

I had worked all night and when I walked outside, the stars were sparkling and the air froze in crystals. It is a new day and a new way! Yesterday brought wonderful blessings of love and appreciation. Today, I am grateful for a Sunday of worship, forgiveness, and growth. My sweet husband, my beautiful children and grandchildren, my phenomenal home filled with security, comfort and warmth; my world devoid of mean. The planning for the Holidays, the antics of our kittens, and the warmth breath and low nicker of our horses and cows. The fields are filled with frost and the trees sing a sweet melody of a new day. Move forward; leave the yuck behind!