Intimidation and Bullying

December 2, 2017




I am living with a cyber bully and I always will.  The legal system has  given us sanctions against this person but the passive aggressive  behavior still exists.  Of course, the cyber bully takes the low road  and is labeled a coward as physical access is not needed to do  unimaginable harm.  It is much easier to hide behind a computer screen  than to face us in person.  It is easier to make up stories and  exaggerate details in attempt to defame and slander.  It is a pattern of  physical, mental, and emotional abuse.  Even in light of legal  intervention, the cowardly cyber bully still attempts to inflict social  media harm in a unintelligent and emotionally imbalanced manner.  One  important aspect that I have learned about our cyber bully is that the  harm is inflicted because we are perceived to be weak, damaged, useless,  undesirable.  In reality, it is the cyber bully that is trying to hide  such characteristics and as long as we remain passive and compliant, it  is perceived that we are a target.  I have realized that the bullying  has nothing to do with me, it is all about the bully; insecure and  weak.  The bully has been confronted, documented, reported, witnessed,  the trail is long of the bully's inappropriate behavior.  We have  obtained police reports, consulted with counselors, and hired an  attorney.  We have fought in court and have been granted important  sanctions.  It is important to stand up against the bully and it does  not have to be alone.  Movement forward into strict consequences and  public awareness will have made my experience open to those who also  suffer.


One important characteristic that I have noted of our cyber bully and I  have heard the same from others in similar situation is that there is no  movement forward for the cyber bully.  They stay mired in the yuck and  muck of where they started.  Regression is common. For my family, it has  given great strides into future endeavors and we have had a great  support system in family, friends and even strangers who have come  forward to aid, information, and gained insight from our experience.   Intimidation is considered comedy and threats are forwarded to legal  authorities.  From my experience has come blessings, a great desire to  succeed, and ambition to defend the rights of others who have  experienced such.  


Today was the first day of December.  Today we enjoyed a beautiful  snowfall.  Tonight we are enjoying an almost-full moon and the twinkling  of Christmas lights.  The first day to be the "light of the world" and  not the dark of evil and despair.  I am loving movement forward.  I  am loving the strength in resilience and perseverance.  The light of the world.

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