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Christmas Lights

What a blessing one day can make! How perfect can a single Christmas light be against the snow! It was a perfect night at work; 12 hours of fun and delightful people from all walks of life. Their conversation and adventures fill the rooms with warmth and sweet spirit.

I walked into the door at home to the delightful smells of bacon and waffles. My husband's appreciation of my hard work for our family is always met with kisses, hugs, and today, hot chocolate and marshmallows; Christmas movies in front of our roaring, warm fireplace and a late breakfast! These are the memories made amidst a busy life. Counting the strands of Christmas lights to hang and discussing color changes; important stuff! Our home sits in the middle of farmland and away from everything. I love how we make the colors twinkle bright and they become beacons among the ice crystals to draw us into home, family, comfort, and security.

Tomorrow, sweet Hubbie and I will drive over to another town with a beautiful kitchen store. This year the tree will be covered in large gingerbread men and sugar cookie stars. There are special visitors coming for Christmas and the rooms are ready for fun, conversation, and cookies! Special cookie cutters are needed!

Each Christmas light and each Christmas cookie brings gratitude, smiles, a renewal, and with each Christmas a maturity in spirit and mind. Today, I am better then yesterday and tomorrow will be stronger than today. The world is about me and my own. This is why home is so important to me. Come home, close the door, and the silliness of the world slinks away to find a victim more deserving of its time and energy. Red, gold, yellow, green, and blue are colors of Christmas, They remind us feel our value within as they twinkle among the snowflakes; celebrating our Savior, our families, ourselves, and best of all, celebrating life!