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Creativity and Imagination of a Known Bully

I love it when our bully posts her threats; more websites, more persons involved. Here are her words .. No one has her "tagged" because her posts are public; no reasonable right to privacy. She is a unhappy person trying to cope with raging jealousies and love lost. I hope that the "web sight" in "Ohio" contacts me for both sides of the story as they should. I am sure this is just a made up story as happening thus far! It is a COWARD who takes such a journey! It is also a coward that does not let us read her writings in order to defend and note to others the discrepancies and her whining. My challenge to my Adult Bully; email me your posts and let me respond. Oh wait, you can't because you feel in control. The definition of being a COWARD!

"Sitting here taking an affidavit posted apart, BOLDing the parts that were not written by the author.... Mundane but important. It is too funny to read what was added and changed. Complaint Board emails me so I don't even have to go look for the trouble maker. SHE cried and told the judge she wanted it all to stop...but I get the emails that she is not wanting it to stop.... I DIGRESS...Ohio called tonight to have me go look at a web sight about BULLY's... it took 7GB to upload just the facts, just the emails, just the posts, and another 3GB just for court papers... The web sight is beautiful and packed with all the details of our relationship, Even Dr Phil is on it....As I was clicking through I hear....You know you are tagged in her web sight....I said oh I'm sure.... and yep it seems the NARCISSIST is at it again...a web sight tagged AnnetteKaye Bedwell... BUT REMEMBER the tears in court were sincere she really wants all this to STOP.... I mean that is why she sued me was to get it all to stop....Then I hear... I read your novel posts... I bet she thinks that is about her too? Funny The Last Word was Judge Brown.... and he said "CASE CLOSED" I'm sure this will be re-posted as ANOTHER RANT.... But really your honor I just want this to stop... In one of the emails it says that she won the case....but in the court file it says Motion to Dismiss GRANTED... YEP she filed the motion to dismiss... and the judge said GRANTED.... That is not a win... that is a QUIT... So Ohio is great, the falsified affidavit is great... the Complaint Board is great... the being tagged on her web page is great... the new web sight is great, and the tears were fake, she does not want to stop, but the new case the judge told her attorney about in our last hearing is gaining ground."