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The Justification of a Known Bully

'Stand Tall, Darling' it’s the epitome of sticking up for yourself. No matter what your size, the idea is to kick the crud to the curb, and just stand tall … " Be who you are, wear what you want, and be damn proud of it while you are doing so!" - Adelle Cousins BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH ... It must get old justifying rotten behavior. It is an understandable trait of one so unhappy and miserable. You see, one with this behavior cannot stand alone; they recruit an army. The stalking, the copying and pasting, the rants noteworthy of one mentally ill, the ramblings that go on and on; the world needs to see both sides. For years, it was one-sided with calling family, friends, employments (OH WAIT, she doesn't have employment with taxes taken out, she doesn't have a bank account, she doesn't have a credit score) and we let her know that legal proceedings would take place, and it did. She wanted us to be sympathetic of her grandson's death and yet she mocked the deaths of my son and mother spouting lies and made-up stories. We did take her to court, we did win in our summary judgment, we did receive a judgment for damages, and we asked for the case to be dismissed because this is how movement forward works. I no longer need to stay in the woodwork and my freedom of speech is just as much a right as her freedom of speech. Standing tall, YEP, I am!