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Courage to Stand

I am taking a stand. For some bullies, a little more force might be needed. If a bully keeps pushing you despite your other efforts, you need to push back. Of course, not physically but what bullies dislike the most is someone who stands up to them. Question their motives and for what purpose do they insist on pursuing, attempting to embarrass, and resisting expressed requests for change. If you are going to call them out on their actions, make sure that you do it right.

Prepare for the encounter and be specific. When having to deal with a bully, especially an adult bully, be specific. As of late, I have decided that fair is fair; people need to read both sides of the story. I know the facts, I have solid resources with the facts and I can also use my privilege of freedom of speech. Today, we have learned that the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" and many letters have been mailed to many organizations and persons that can assist in this matter. It is not weak or lame to reach out to those who can help. Our adult bully looks for any reason to have us submit to her power play. We will no longer tolerate as her skeletons in the closet are just as real as everyone else. There is one word we have for her, though, COWARD, as she cannot do her dirty work alone.

If you are having this situation as well and you think that you need to get others involved, there are steps that you can take to help ensure that you get results. First, accurately document what is happening. We have a binder and it is labeled with dates and times. Having a list of specific times the bully has overstepped their boundaries will make it hard for them to refute the claims. (After all, who in the world can email harassment 350,000 times in a 5-year period!) Second, talk to any witnesses that have seen how the bully acts towards you. Write down what they saw, read, and ask if they would be willing to vouch for you. I have been blessed in having my supervisor file an affidavit with the court of our bully's harassment. We have also received even more statements in the mail, signed and notarized, by our "imaginary friends" to include in this notebook in preparation for the movement forward.

Most of all, smile! Carrying on with life is the last thing that the bully will expect. A bully, especially a woman adult bully, obviously is struggling with unhappiness, insecurity, mental illnesses, or all listed. If she was happy, she would be supporting her family and herself instead of recruiting an army to listen to her exaggerations and whinings!