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Both Sides of the Story

Choosing to ignore the side of the argument that you do not agree with only weakens your own. Listening to an opposing side of an argument can be uncomfortable, especially it it involves something very personal or being argued in an aggressive, demeaning manner.

I find it interesting when a person hides what they want to keep hidden from the person they are gossiping about. It does not give fair defense. Again, a person is a coward who keeps hidden the gossip and filth that is shared with their own particular mob. Of course, ignorance runs through the mob as they become one-sided and do not care to become informed and search out the truth. When it comes to issues that a person is passionate about and if you want to be taken seriously, one needs to be familiar with all sides of the issue. I have found this to be true in speaking to different government agencies in our behalf over the past few days. My story, her story, our story. A soap opera, for sure!

Arguments are not just on-sided as much as we might sometimes wish that they were. If they were only made up on one side, it would be so much easier to win and we wouldn't need attorneys or mediators. Until then, I plan on stating my side of the story and no longer be silent as has happened in the past. I can prove that I have the knowledge to back myself up and rid them of any leverage they might have been prepared to place on my own assumed ignorance. Unfortunately, it is easier for the other side to exaggerate, fabricate, and lie to further their cause and this is okay. Sooner or later, the truth stands out.

Stand your ground, document, date, and file the information so that when it is needed, you have it readily available to give to who will be of assist in your argument. An adult bully is immature and cannot function without chaos, drama and innuendo. A professional individual will be able to give both sides of the story and is diplomatic in how it is being shared. We have learned that not all information is correct, right, and full of truth via the internet. Choose your positions carefully with research and informed decisions.