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The Adult Bully and Anger Issues

Today I have been wondering why some people have anger issues while other people can work through the negative situations with resolution. I guess it depends on the the personality and identity of the person. How does this affect an adult bully bent on hate and revenge? Is it because the personality is one who gets angry as a way a manipulating others? Maybe they have been reinforced since childhood for those manipulative temper tantrums. They come to believe that if they get angry enough, lash out in degrading others, demonstrate their anger long enough, and with enough negative intensity, we will give in. This person is obviously a bully in other ways as well, so she will attempt to manipulate then escalate her mood according to how I respond to her attempts. Her attempts to tell the world what a horrible person I am, the mistakes I have made in my life, down to how many vacations my children have had with me (to which she is horribly mistaken), and what she supposes my legal issues have been, are a weak attempt to manipulate me into some sort of sick submission and blubbering idiot hiding in a corner full of embarrassment and shame. Maybe her anger represses until such time it explodes and it becomes impossible to hold back any longer. Are the mental illnesses she testified to complicating these actions? The internet becomes filled with horrible comments, letters, and what she believes to be slanderous truths about me. Threats, taunts, teasing, and misery eek out in her writings. Maybe she was abused, or neglected, bullied or shamed some way in her childhood. Maybe she is being abused now or an addiction is conflicting her thought processes and it makes her angry and full of uncontrollable thoughts. Of course, I am the target of this anger. I am the target of her bullying and she uses the internet as her weapon of choice; her cell phone, the second best weapon, as she calls all who she can to share her misery, her woes, and recruit them into her sinister army. She has been doing this for a lifetime and she has reinforced her behavior by people who are afraid of her and her explosions or the potential fear that she imposes. When people give in to her, this reinforces her negative behavior and the anger episodes happen over and over and over.

I know that I would never degrade her children in public the way that she has done mine. I have never spoken of her grandson that passed away yet she has mocked the death of my son, even bragging to know where he is buried. How sad is this! I understand the pain and the death of a child is a pain that I would never want another mother to experience. Maybe my bully is just doing the best with what she has to work with; emotionally and physically. I take this into consideration every time that something new appears on the internet or a telephone call fills me in on her newest adventure to demean my family and I. Oh wait, should I give her empathy and find a reason to validate her bad behavior? Maybe; maybe not!

There are many secrets that I could share and I don't. What would it matter. I do not care to stoop to her low-life level. My world is not close to her world. This person always has a reason to justify her bad behavior. Now that I stand up for myself, the attacks are becoming harsher. This was to be expected during the course of legalities and the attacks are being documented. The most recent we have sent to our attorney as somewhat disturbing and full of doom. I am sure it is a shock factor that she is looking for but it will not come from us. We are standing against the bully. Her cowardly actions are those of a small child who can't have her way. She will have her way until there comes a moment when she will come face-to-face with reality. Until then, we smile, we laugh, and we keep the movement forward. All the other stuff, we have a legal representative for.