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The Cry-Baby Bully

Bullying is defined as unwanted aggressive behavior "that involved a real or perceived power imbalance". This definition was given to me by a person from The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says it is "A blustering browbeating person; especially one habitually cruel to others who are weaker." A cry-bully is someone who engages in intimidation, harassment, or other abusive behavior while claiming to be a victim. I am sure we all know someone like this. They use perceived righteousness as validation to abuse others and then play the sufferer when confronted about the abuse they are dishing out. If you do not fight back, the cry-bully bullies you. If you fight back, the cry-bully cries and "boo-hoos" to others stating that you have made he or she feel unsafe.

Our cry-baby bully puts her thoughts on social media and then claims she is being publicly attacked on her "private" social media profile. I believe she has a Munchausen's Syndrome of sorts; she causes her own misery and then complains about it. Cry-bullies appear to mirror their own actions what they are claiming in victimhood. They are narcissists who complain about selfishness, takers who should out against greed, and bullies alleging to be victims.

Beware of giving a cry-bully what they want by retorting to their abuse with insults of your own. Taking their bait is exactly what they want. Be sure to document, report to legal authorities, and prepare to do battle in the courtroom if need be. And giggle at the antics!

Just call it like it is; a smear campaign. They are only using insults to provoke anger back at them. Do not give them the satisfaction because all they do is crawl off like the cowards they are and announce what horrid treatment they must endure from you.

In dealing with a cry-bully, be responsible for yourself. Be responsible for your thoughts, words, actions, and intentions. Let them be responsible for theirs. Stay calm and document.

Rather than replaying the actions and words of what it is that upsets us, be the change. Look for better ways to better your community, take the pledge against bullying, and make it more inclusive by promoting love, kindness, and compassion for all people. We understand our adult bully for the person she cannot be so we will be the change that we wish to see in the world.