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Violence and Adult Bullies

I finished reading a book by Jon Ronson called, "So You Have Been Publicly Shamed." He writes of cyberbullies and how they see themselves as righteous crusaders. They claim that their victims are asking for it and all bullies feel morally justified in their actions. My family and I live this every day with our cyberbully. We know that she lacks insight and self-awareness and her behavior is expected. She believes that she is teaching me a lesson, that I am asking for it, and that I need to be called out and corrected. It is easy for her to contact employments, our banks, my colleges, and write letters to family and friends, because she does not work, does not have a bank account, and even better, knows that we would not do such harm to her. Her claim of 350,000 pages of harassment against her from me is this; a claim which equals 87.5 boxes of copy paper filled with 8 reams at 500 pages each. 87.5 boxes of harassment were not given to the court by her at any time during our lawsuit against her. In a month, I may send 85 emails in a day which equals 340 emails in a week (Monday through Thursday), and is a total of 1360 emails a week. This total is 5440 emails monthly. And this is at work! The rest of the week is filled with college work and I barely have a moment to spare dealing with anything personal. When in my spare time would I have time to send 350,000 harassing emails or letters or texts! NOT! This is what a bully does; exaggerates and lies to get a point across and yet it does not make sense!

In light of the Florida school shooting, the young man had been troubled and violent for quite sometime with documentation to back up these claims. Even teachers wrote emails to other teachers giving caution in their interaction with this student. So what about claims that are posted to the internet?

On Feb 2, at 8:27pm, my woman adult bully and cyber stalker wrote the following on a blog site that is about me.

"I'm sorry sir; It will have to be closed casket, the shot gun blast destroyed her face."

This was a bit un-nerving and copies have been forward to our attorney and other legal entities for their review and filing. This is the sort of documentation that is important to date and file. If something happens to one of my family members or to me, law enforcement will know exactly where to look and ask questions. Of course, being the coward that she is, she took down the post when it was revealed on other source sites but we have the copies and we have the support of Google Plus!

Unfortunately, the internet is hard to escape and it can be harder to identify. It is easy for a bully to be a bully; hiding behind a computer screen and a keyboard. The cruel and demeaning words can be disheartening but there is one thing that is clear; it shows the mental instability of the pursuer and the lack of reality. This can be a dangerous combination as was posted to a blog in regards to my family and me. We are not afraid. We understand the twisted and crazy mind of a person that cannot get go and move past the past. She is good at having temper tantrums, bragging about her arsenals, and claiming to be a minister at the same time! This will definitely give credence should I end up dead at her hands!