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Threats From A CyberBully

Because of the increased cruelty of cyber bullying , there comes a deeper impact on those involved. The effects of cyber bullying are in many ways worse than traditionally bullying as it can creep its way into every part of the victim's life. In some cases, people have taken their lives because they became the victims of vicious cyberbullies.

Our cyberbully has decided she needs a mob to carry out her work involving motorcycle clubs and church members. It is very explicit about what is going to happen to my family and me. She publicly listed our home, surroundings, employments, looked up where my brother lives, and even listed the name of my new puppy. She has passed this information on to "over 590 members of a motorcycle club" who take care of "issues" such as she believes we are. And threaten a man who is chronically and physically disabled! She has them watching our every move and we never know who is following our car or ready to pull a gun and be rid of us! Of course, she is trying to incur dangerous stigmas and harmful shame of me with the threat of physical harm and physiological symptoms. It won't work. We understand her plight and her own emotional issues.

As precautions against the threats of her violence, I have emailed her words to all of the motorcycle chapters in the United States, to law enforcement agencies that I am not scared to engage with, sent the words along with others in letters to the FBI, and made family and friends aware of her threats. I have letters prepared in case of my demise and who to look for. I have emailed national news media sites sending along our history and her words. Did you know that you can seal your property records when you present the counties with threat of harm? Prepare your case thoroughly. Let the cyber bully prepare your case against them.

In watching the Winter Olympics, I have learned that we are TEAM USA. All people belong in a nation where personal accountability and responsibility needs to stay that; personal. As cyber bullying as grown, so have the calls for prevention and legislation to address it. Groups of concerned citizens across the country want to help others understand cyber bullying and its often unwanted and unintended consequence. We need to make cyber bullying accountable, especially in extreme cases that lead to harm.