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Loving Being Loved ..

Valentine's Day meant a great deal this year. My husband has been critically ill for three years and there are days that he can barely move. He feels guilty that I have to care for him financially, emotionally, and physically. It takes great effort to move him into a vehicle, make sure that he attends his doctor appointments, and right now, his daily trip to wound care. Some days are tough; I feel tears as I hurt from lifting and caring for him while working and taking care of our home and properties. But this is what I signed on for when I took my vows at the altar.

We haven't celebrated Valentine's day for three years due to his illness. He was not able to physically purchase gifts for me. This year he had our son take him to our small mall and he spent several hours picking out the right gifts to surprise me. This was exhausting for him but he had to do it. Before I left for work on Valentine's Day and as I brought his breakfast to him, he laid out the gifts on the bed. What a celebration we had and what a surprise for me! He had tears in his eyes as he told me of his adventure, his pride evident in his beautiful eyes. The celebration of another Valentine's Day that we made it through together. Later in the morning, flowers arrived from him for me! More surprises! He was making an entire day of wonder and love.

As I made my way home after picking up take-out Chinese to share with my husband and sons for Valentine's Day, I counted my blessings. We live in a beautiful home, surrounded with beautiful memories, warm and comfortable, abundant food in the cupboards, animals that care for us as we care for them, reliable transportation that takes us where we need to go, and the mountains secure our valley. Fluffy snowflakes were falling as I pulled in our lane. It was going to be a wonderful evening filled with love, tenderness, and the company of a man loving to be loved as I do.

There is no greater love than to lay down my life for my husband's. If we guide our lives and thoughts towards ending the suffering of others, our lives reflect and revolve around love for others. For my husband, selfless love and devotion is to make sure that he has mental, physical, and spiritual peace, happiness, and comfort for the rest of his days here on Earth. This is my mission.