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The Adult Bully Challenge

Psychological abusers do not go for the weak; they choose strong people because they like the "challenge". Victims of psychological abuse are often strong, confident, and successful. This is because abusers are attracted to someone they think will break under their pressure and goading.

When you think of someone in an abusive relationship, you think of someone weak. This may well be the end result, but it did not start out that way. Nor does the abuser plan on the victim to turn the tables and no longer be the abused. More many months that turned into years, I was told "ignore"; she will go away. She will lose interest and turn on someone else! WRONG! Her savage attacks have become threats of violence and death, not only to me, but members of my family. Maybe it is my success and strength that keeps her motivated. This now defines her as a narcissist and a psychopath as she attempts to define me.

For an adult bully, it is all about feeling superior. The want to drag out the negative attributes in another is the want of feeling the better of the person they are attacking. There is a huge sense of entitlement, so the sense of picking on someone who is strong, who they can try and deconstruct, gives them a feeling a power and false happiness. It feeds on what they really believe about themselves; perfection, entitlement, and that there is nothing wrong with them. This personality type are not programmed to think there is an issue with themselves because they think that it is not about them. They definitely do not like their negative characteristics and actions revealed. In this they become hostile and retaliatory. They do not like the tactics of their negative behavior used against them. This reveals to others that they are not the perfect entities as professed and their armor of perfection is shattered and the naked soul laid vulnerable to criticism. This is where the abused will not take lightly the threats of physical and emotional harm and reach out to entities that are there to deal with such.