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Creating The Life We Love!

My first day off in 92 days! 7 days a week and all shifts. My sweet husband took me to Olive Garden for our belated Valentine's Day dinner. It was a day free of drama and bad feelings! This is how it should be. I had spent the day before sending out many letters and evidence; motions that were signed by a judge, and a wonderful note full of drama and flair; I am sure to intimidate and make me feel afraid. It has not. In fact, it was given to my employments and other authorities. If it were me, I would be totally embarrassed! Miss-spelled words and threatening gestures. For me, it is movement forward.

It was so much fun to wake up to my happy room, breakfast in bed, and NetFlix series to finish. We haven't done this in many months due to my work schedule. With his help, we finished the farm and personal taxes and scanned them. Grocery lists, Costco list (I love that they deliver to my door), Home Depot awesomeness! Redefining success while celebrating the ordinary! Doesn't that sound phenomenal! We should not allow ourselves to be made to feel insignificant and not important; not by others and not by ourselves. The problem is that we have such a limited view of what we consider an accomplished life that we devalue many qualities that are critically important. How do we go back to the idea that ordinary can be extraordinary? How do we remind ourselves that life doesn’t have to be all about public recognition and spotlights?

There is a beauty in cultivating an appreciation for what we already have. My husband and I have learned this over the past years. We have lost much but gained so much more. No longer under the shadows of those who wish us harm. Of course, this comes from gaining confidence in one's own self and guarding those that are loved and cherished. It has been about creating a life that we love and not the expectations of others. We travel, we visit, we fish, we work on our home, designing a pond, enjoying the babies around our farm. Love in our journey and purpose in our living. After all, the true journey is what we learn along the way!