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The Boasting of an Adult Bully

Today the boasting of an adult woman bully was emailed upon request of a couple of agencies who could not believe our story. An older gentleman came into work today with a "patch" and I showed him a post which he thought interesting. He asked for a copy and said he will check it out for us. Oh, yes, and there is more!

What is the difference between a child bully and an adult bully? Everyone knows the bully during grade school. Just recently, I had a gentleman "facebook" me to apologize for treating me horribly in high school. I guess I had not noticed and I did not remember such behavior. We have had two wonderful conversations and will be meeting his family in April when we visit Eastern Washington. Most conversations revolve around the victim but what if the adult bully is the victim. While we encourage and empathize with the victim, we often try and ignore the bully! Of course, we do! Adult bullies show traits of anger, aggression, hyperactivity and violence. This is according to, a privately funded research site. According to their research, as bullies age, the more likely they are to engage in antisocial behavior. Adults who are bullies are 10 times likely to lie, six times more likely to fight, and three times more likely to engage in harassing behavior. This was made clear to us by a "family member" who receives consistent "middle finger" gestures and profanity from our adult bully and her husband. What an example this must give to young children that may be in close proximity to witness such attitude.

Adult bullies are 11 times more likely to engage in conduct disorders, personality disorders, and anti-social personalities. We have given evidence to the court and witnessed such behaviors from our adult bully. I think the hardest part of the study to read was that adult bullies are victims as well and need help just like children bullies do. They are difficult to deal with so they are rejected. We have heard this time and time again in regards to our adult bully. Some experience some type of abuse at home and bullying others is a coping mechanism. An adult bully can be hard to counsel as, in the case of our bully, they think that there is nothing wrong with them and they are completely in the right. The rants can be crazy and hard to read but the meanings are clear and we document all with dates. We know that we will be using the information soon. At this point in my life, even though it has been suggested, I cannot feel sorry for the woman that continually bullies us. She claims to be Christian, a minister, a mother, a grandmother, and yet we receive harassment that is beyond the normal.

I am standing firm in protection of my family, my properties, and me. I will no longer be intimidated and abused. Her world is sad; broken-down homes, clutter, disorganization, and not married to the man that she wanted to be married to. I am empathetic to her plight but have no tolerance for her meanness. Not once, has she come forward to find out true stories and brags of acquaintances as dishonest and mean as she is. Oh, the stories and documents I could share! She would be very surprised! Not much to brag about when good people know the truth. How grateful I am for my strength and perseverance; I am sure I will have to travel the miles with her, and I will use legal aide to assist me in my endeavors to keep her at bay. "Twisted old woman" is the description given me; I feel sorry for her because the description fits!