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The Power Play of the Adult Bully

Adult bullies act out for the same reason children bullies to; they are trying to make up for shortcomings of their own. This is why you should try and not take the abuse you receive from an adult bully seriously. In my research and documentation of our adult bully, we have determined that she has serious security issues compounded by self-proclaimed types of mental illness. She does not think of herself as a bully; she envisions herself as a proclaimed "Joan of Arc" in a sick sort of way. She feels empowered to pick on us because we are perceived as being weak, we have made mistakes in our lives, and perhaps just because our progression is much more than her own. There are the more obvious vices; gossip, putting me down in front of others, starting rumors that are not true, and emotional abuse by public humiliation. She will spend hours typing away thinking that what she has to say will make a difference among strangers on the computer screen. Obviously, she cannot work alone; she needs the attention of those around her to further her sick cause.

Bullies go after those they feel are sick, fat, ugly, etc., because they feel they can target a person in the area where they might be the most insecure. Perhaps they will harass a popular girl, a beautiful and talented woman, to boost their ego. This strategy serves a social purpose in that the bully is trying to establish power so nobody else will push them around. Bullies are looking for people that are willing to submit to their power play. For a long time, this bothered me until her history began unraveling and her character became exposed. When I stopped being a victim, our bully's attempts began to be funny. She might be aggressive but she is lazy and unmotivated to do the right thing. Using scripture to validate her cause makes her a coward.

We have come to push back in her attempts to abuse. We have prepared for her encounters and with the assistance of legal authorities begun to call her out on her behavior. We focus on our own lives and the movement forward away from her refraining from reaction and push back. We are specific in our documentation and research. She is looking for attention and refuses to grasp the truths. We no longer let fear prevent us from obtaining the help and protection that we deserve. Our permanent injunction, won in a court of law, against her will assist us in the future. Her frustration and aggression will cause mistakes. The safety of my family and myself are foremost.

Today, an editor from a newspaper contacted me in regards to an article that we sent them. Within this article was the experience of Dr. Phil and the circus that he caused. Piece by piece, information has been disproved and my husband has proclaimed to her how he was shut out of the proceedings. Of course, our bully told the world that he did not want to stand by me during the taping of the show, but was far from the truth. Within this article, I also gave reference to another bully; one who had sex with my under-aged married daughter, masturbated in from of my small children and his own son, and then placed blame on me for incidences that I did not do. I even handed her the police reports. Yes, they were documented at the time. His sins are being made known. He was not my husband but a man who claimed to be God-fearing and perfect just like my woman bully. Maybe this is why my adult bully has a promiscuous nature. A kind of sick control over others.

My husband and I spoke to her in great length today and this article will soon be published. The reporter has facts, not internet hearsay and innuendo that our bully truly believes in her mind are truths. I have decided to stand strong and spill the secrets that I thought I would never reveal because I know how it feels to be embarrassed and humiliated. I use to not want others to feel this way but the time has come when they need to come forth. I am going to clear my name of falsehood and blame. It is not going to be comfortable for others.

Standing strong can be healing. Do I care what is on the internet? No! There is enough written for people to read and make informed decisions about what is true and what is not. Our bully's rants give great detail into her personality, her threats, and to proving who is really the bully despite her pleas of harassment and abuse. After all, we have already proven that it is the bully who cries victim the loudest! Our revelations have come through and survived a court of law and we are not the party paying damages.

It goes without saying that any perceived physical threat, like what our woman adult bully has threatened against us, should be handled with the assistance of local law enforcement or other community resources. Some bullies are dangerous (ours has threatened to come up behind me with her new revolver) and may need legal interventions to reduce the risk of harm. Do not be afraid to seek such assistance even if you feel that you do not need it.