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Courage in the Journey

There is a lot of advice floating around in recognizing, dealing with, and stopping cyber bullying. All of the issues are important. Healing is a process that is important as well. It is important for our well being and in finding ways to avoid future exposure.

A cyber bullying experience can take its toll on children, adults, and seniors. It can cause devastation to a sense of self and personal morale. Sadly, in the wide world of the internet, no one is exempt from cyber bullying. It can cause mistrust and resistance to online interactions.

Because of our online bully, I have been able to mark my courage. It was not believed that I would take our case to court, teasing and taunting was daily bombardment from her. Not only have we taken her on in one state, we are now moving forward in another state. Daily manifestation of this movement forward is a daily confirmation that reminds me that I have risen above the nonsense and only becoming stronger because of the experience. It is time to let go! If I allow the feelings of anger and hate towards our cyber bully continue, she retains whatever power she feels that she has over us and in the end it will consume all of us, the cyber bully included. Forgiveness frees us from the constant thoughts of revenge, hate or anger. My ultimate victory as a survivor is that I will go one and not let this evil lady to bully my inner thoughts and feelings.

Bullies are cowardly and insecure. Bullying is a way of coping with things in their own lives that are not working well for them. In my case, the woman thought I am at fault for not allowing her to have the man that she really wanted and she had to move in with another man to care for herself. Perhaps she has been a subject of abuse, has lost loved ones, feels dismissed and unwanted, suffering from mental illness, or lack of sleep. Whatever the reason, it is not an excuse for cruel behavior towards another person. We are trying to understand what makes her this way and in this thought of compassion, it has helped us to move on and to heal much faster.

This week has been filled with love, kindness, and success. This is what happens when the efforts are turned from dwelling on the miserable and working in the wonderful. Horse and cow babies were born, Toby successfully completed his fifth service dog lesson, hay was delivered, and my husband is feeling better and able to walk a bit more. Tulips and daffodils are pushing through the dark earth in an effort to warm in the sun that comes and goes behind a snow cloud or two. My work is going well, my book continues to surprise me, and a new semester at college is beginning. My husband and I are taking a short vacation to see beautiful red cliffs and tall water falls. These are the moments that don't include our bully, our stalker, and her threats and meaningless and stupid. Caring responses fill the air and blessings of the experiences of others write the pages of our movement forward.