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Size Doesn't Matter

I have been a size less than 0 and I have been a size 18/20. I have barely weighed 98 pounds and I have weighed significantly more. I was the saddest with my life at my smallest seemingly to please the one that I loved the most because he complained of an overweight wife and child. I was the happiest with life at my biggest because my husband has loved me no matter what size I have been and I have loved him at any size he has been. I was the proudest when after my daughters, I immediately went down to a size 4. I am the proudest most of all right now, somewhere in the middle. I am proud at being an average workout buddy with my close friends. I have a goal to be more fit and healthy as the responsibilities of my world need me to be so. I have skinny friends and I have not so skinny friends but we love each other for what we present on the inside and not what we look like on the outside. We encourage, love, and lift up each other in all ways. Our size does not define us.

Today I thought back on the cruel remarks of a woman bully who only saw my size at the time and, of course, those cruel remarks became public. It took me a bit to understand that it was who she is and not about my size. She did not break me, it did not make me, it was not important, or the most interesting part of me. It was just a size. I giggled when I realize that her remarks defined the cruel, ugly, dishonest, and evil person she was and still is.

Your size doesn’t make you. Your size doesn’t break you. Your size won’t ever be the most important or the most interesting part about you. Your size; well, it’s just your size. Torturing overweight people is one of the last acceptable forms of bigotry. Those who attack overweight persons are bullies and predators, pure and simple. There is a quote that states "you don't make your light shine any brighter by blowing someone else's light. Maybe our bully should pay more attention to her own plate, her own filth, her dirty secrets and degradation. There is no doubt in my mind that people who pick on overweight people are miserable and have lives filled with rocky relationships and sadness.

True beauty is on the inside and focuses what is on your heart. Never let another person make you feel any less beautiful. Give yourself the power and always follow your heart. We only know what is going on with ourselves and we should be the only ones to determine how we feel about ourselves.