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There is an art to loving an unlovable person. After all, life is full of people who rub us the wrong way. It can be our family, within our workplace, our church or community. Gossip can be painful and their habits annoying or hurtful. How do we cope with difficult people. Christ calls us to love selflessly and ceaselessly. How can we be genuine with negative emotions?

In the situation of our adult bully, we understand her plight and shortcomings. She cannot admit that she has shortcomings or has made mistakes so this can be a difficult situation when trying to stay calm and collected. Her way of living is absolute and she is unwavering in her cause of proclaimed righteousness and hate. I laugh at her lies to the court; her divorce and yet still living with a man. Isn't this against God and her license as a minister? Again, her bible must be much different that the one that she wants me to abide by.

In dealing with my mean person, I have decided to move forward in success and love. Researchers have discovered that it is threatened self-esteem that drives a lot of aggression. Unfortunately, mean people are feeling worse about themselves than usual. This drives them to gossip and find fault. I have taken my bully's meanness as motivation to make life a success, to make my home comfortable and secure, to make sure that my husband and children are well taken care of. I no longer need the approval of others because I am molding myself into the person that I want to be. It has taken great time and effort but I no longer dream of what I can be; I am becoming what I can be.

Next time that someone is mean to you, just shake your head and remind them that it has to do with them and not you that is the issue. Movement forward away and far from their insecurities and frailties.