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To Be Beautiful ..

A large packet was delivered to us and within its pages, a life revealed. Of course, it gave closure. What I have been accused of, she had done before me, and she has done horrible things that I have never done. It is true that we all have skeletons and that they can be revealed at any time. What is different between her and I is that I will not post them for public view to embarrass or humiliate. This is the difference between being beautiful and being a bully.

This morning was a morning filled with smiles and laughter. Wonderful women who have made sacrifices, lost husbands, lost children, and survived great trials. And still smiling. And still laughing. Because each moment is seen in beauty. Today, I treasure those moments and they became an example to me that life is beautiful. Maybe that is why I love working in my yard, in my home, in our fields, and with our animals. All of these things promote beauty.

It takes care, perseverance, and courage to get past the damage that a cyber bully can inflict. I have learned that those most guilty of trespasses are the the persons that will yell the loudest, stomp their feet, throw tantrums, and exaggerate truths. I find it interesting that her "friends", her "family", and those who claim they know of her, seek me out for our side of the story that has never been told. Her lies, her falsehoods, her rants have caught up with her. There is a quiet comfort in such. A validation of sort. A quiet comfort that lends itself into a calming beauty. How wonderful it is to know that truth may be slow but it slowly glides to the surface and lends itself to a ripple that spreads across the water, reaching the banks of audience in its soft exposure.