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Healing After A Cyber Bully Attack ..

We spent the day interviewing with a journalist from CBS. We will be featured in a special documentary in regards to adults and cyber bullying. This is becoming more and more an issue in today's social media climate. As we began to discuss the events that have unfolded over the years, we understand more of what we have gone through and wrote down a few ideas for healing.

We have come to not blame ourselves for the attack upon us. We should never feel ashamed of being the victim of any kind of bullying. Always remember that it was not our fault. The bully took it upon herself to cause damage. No matter what she does or says, I am not ashamed of who I am.

An important part of healing from a cyber bully is to be patient with myself. Healing is an undertaking and everyone recovers in their own time. I have to remember to allow myself time and space and to feel all of my emotions; grief, anger, or frustration. It has become important to strengthen my own self-worth. Meditation and daily self talk is a must! As I travel through my day, I tell myself things that are positive and motivating.

Every day, I do something that relaxes me. I engage in activities that I love and gives me a feeling of freedom and forgiveness. Horseback riding, crocheting, playing with my dogs, and yard work are things that I enjoy the most.

My husband and I have a had a great support system in talking about what we have been doing through and still going through. We have another lawsuit soon to come to the surface and the hurts of the past will once more be irritated. Continuing to talk to our support system assists with the healing process and keeps us connected and not feeling alone. Our community boosts our self esteem and gives listening ear. As we work through the "forgive", we know to not forget so not to allow such abuse to us again.

Forgiving a cyber bully that caused such damage in our lives is always easier said then done. Learning how to forgive our bully will greatly help our ability to heal and move forward with confidence. Remember, the bully is only as strong as you give power to. Choosing to ignore the taunts and the rants, I am empowering myself. Cyber bullying is not the norm and should be expected or feared.

Cyber bullying can happen to anyone, no matter their age, gender, or circumstances. It is important to learn about cyber bullying. You can do this through online articles, books, seminars, and interest groups. Learn how it affects people, even those who are confirmed bullies. Don't let a narrow-minded bully make you feel alone and isolated. There are others that are going through the same thing as you are.

GET INVOLVED and SPEAK OUT AGAINST BULLYING. I know that others have experienced what I have and even with the same adult bully woman. I have the ability to aid and empower them. I have gotten involved in my community anti-bullying efforts and with legislation in my own state. I am sharing my story because I am no longer a victim but a teacher. I have overcome my bully and putting her where she needs to be. Expelled!

If you would like further assistance or resources, please contact me at! Let's end bullying!