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Track Everything ..

It is interesting when you keep getting calls but call the number back and it is "not in service". Several calls that I am getting are coming from Northern Idaho! I can guess who this is. Log books are necessary when tracking your bully and handy when given to law enforcement and attorneys for a track record of harassment. FAKE people use FAKE numbers. COWARDS hide behind computer screens and FAKE numbers. It is just the way it is and always will be because they cannot handle that you won your court case, won your judgment, and life is wonderful! Besides, they teased and taunted for YEARS that they would never be taken to court. Guess what! This is a version of “phantom traffic”. The line record details are incorrectly entered at the originating “carrier” side of the call and hence incorrectly associated with the caller. So … you get bogus data in your caller id. This is usually some combination of: accident - willful indifference - intentional misconduct. I would bet it is a [contact-database-builder-cyberbully] checking to see who/ what is on the other side of the line. By spoofing the originating information, they make tracing back to them difficult, and because it may be illegal for them to perform this practice in some jurisdictions, they make it harder to figure out who did it.

In being able to win our court case, the paper trail was important. To date, I have (4) four banker's boxes cataloged by date that is serving us again in another court case involving the same party(s). Terms of the court order have not been completed as of this date so again, the paper trail will be important when contempt proceedings will be important. Track and log everything, even if thought not critical. The bully will make you feel as if you are the victim; logging every little thing will prove that you are not. You are empowered and become the victor!