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Becoming the Entire Sky ..

Today I was "counting my blessings" and writing them down in my gratitude journal. I do this about 4:30am and before starting the chores. It is true that happy people choose to focus on the positive parts of their lives. I set specific reason to be grateful. One day, after I am gone, my children will read the journals and rejoice, that even in the times that were hard, Mom always was grateful for the blessings, no matter how small. I think one of the most important aspects to choosing happiness is your smile. Smiling is infectious. More than that, it is a known fact that making a smiley face carries influence over feelings. Today was a good day to smile; it is a good doctor's report for my husband. So I am programming my self to experience happiness by making a commitment to smile. And, today, walking around the grocery store, I had people smile back! Self-talk is important in the gratitude process. Daily affirmations can become your best friend. After all, affirmations are positive thoughts accompanied by affirmative beliefs and personal statements of truth. They are recited in the first person and in the present tense. When affirmations are used on a daily basis, they can release stress, build confidence and self-worthiness, and improve our outlook on life. This can even assist in dealing with unreasonable persons that might want to spoil our days! I am a morning person; I wake early and start the day by establishing empowering, meaningful, and incredible morning routines. I start each day on my own terms! How do you count your blessings? Make it a great day!