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What Your Adult Bully Doesn't Want You To Know About You ..

You may not have heard alot about Adult Bullying, but it is becoming a serious problem. If you have kept up with my blogs, you have read some of my experiences with my woman adult bully. Yes, an adult, and should know better. One thing to remember is that as people mature and progress through life, they learn to stop such behaviors in their youth. Sadly, some adult bullies are just children bullies who have grown up. While adults are more likely to use verbal bullying as opposed to physical bullying, it is still adult bullying just the same!

Our Adult Bully has been a blessing to us! It is surprising what makes her "tick". And I have learned a few secrets about her that have helped us understand her sadness and loneliness. Other emotional issues are involved but it should never be an absolute excuse for cruelty and bad behavior towards others. It is like keeping your dog on a chain and enticing it to freedom!

Remember, it is not easy being a bully! This is so true! Just imagine the minutes, hours, weeks, and years to maintain the status as a bully. For more than 6 years, she has had to continue in her ambition of being a bully. It has to be a full-time job which makes sense because she cannot work in the private sector or refuses to do so.

An adult bully is desperately unhappy! Anyone who is truly happy would never have the desire to hurt others. Only unhappy people take their frustrations on other people. Only unhappy people are mean, they are miserable, and they want others to feel the same way.

An adult bully is insecure! There is a myth that bullies have superior attitude. It goes deeper; they are feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem. Bullies need to pick on others to deflect their own feelings of inadequacy and weakness.

An adult bully is envious of their victim! There is something that a bully wants. For my bully, it was another man. One that deceived and degraded her but lied about doing such things. He cheated on his wife with others and the bully as well but she never once called him publicly on his mistakes. It was all about me! Of course, even married to another man, she claims to have on ongoing relationship with him which makes her, what!! The same type of person he is but maybe that is why they were attracted in the first place. It could be that the victim is prettier, smarter, or the bully's crush likes the victim! Ha! Maybe the victim is just more confident in her own skin and it is something that the bully wishes to be. The bully is jealous of such confidence and wants to destroy it or cause humiliation of the victim among the masses. In the end, the bully becomes the one pained and destroyed as she is found out among the lies and cruelty.

An adult bully is not strong! Most bullies surround themselves with others because strength is needed in numbers. If those persons desert the bully, she will lose her strength. She needs an army to hide behind and do her dirty work for her. Isn't that the meaning of coward?!