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What Your Adult Bully Doesn't Want You To Know About You (Part 2)

We have been discussing how it is not easy to be a bully. As the last weeks have progressed and we have experienced more and more of the hostility of a bully, we have found that a bully doesn't want to be bullied. Often they bully so they won't be bullied and choosing what seems to be the weakest. Of course, the fear of a bully is meeting her match. For many months, I was told to ignore this particular bully but she was insistent. What if the person she picks on decides to fight back or make her look bad? This is why she often has an entourage; a support group to encourage and be miserable with. I had to laugh just today at the comments made. When my blogs are read, and maybe the truth hurts, retaliation with innuendos and falsehoods are generated. I have a friend that is dealing with her bully so my blogs are about adult bullies in general no one in particular.

One interesting aspect of an adult bully is that they are actually being bullied themselves somewhere in their own worlds. Maybe a parent, a sibling, a child, or other people they interact with on a regular basis. I love that my negative information is first and foremost because it shows the personality of the adult bully and her obvious signs of causing me distress. The claim of being a moral and good person is washed down the drain with the courts orders of obvious violation are of her own doing. You cannot point fingers without the expectation of fingers being pointed back if you are committing the same crimes. The same is happening with my good friend. How sad the past sins out shadow the good that she has done all of these years.

Bullies are afraid of a lot of things. They are afraid of being deserted by their peers. They are afraid that persons will learn that they are not perfect, they are not as strong as they act, and that I will find out about it. You can't steal from an elderly man, lie about it, and then point out the sins of another person, and hope that they do not find out about it. Obviously, bullies deal with personal issues that are painful. This does not given them reason to behave the way that they do. Our bully needs our prayers and understanding. It may be a hard thing to do, but as my friend said, "it gives us peace and strength". How true is this?!

My adult bully mentioned that she is HAPPY and that it puts a SMILE on her face that my sins are exposed to the world. WOW, this gives great understanding to how her mind works and how she must view the world. What would you think about this?