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When the Narcissistic Bully Spills the Secrets ..

When someone hurts you, the first reaction is to hurt back. But why? Is it so that you can elevate yourself out of the darkness that you are in by bringing someone down? Is it so they will learn a lesson?

I shared secrets with my narcissistic bully and hung on every word that he told me. I believed every word that he told me including things about past and (present) lovers that he claims he was not with but then admitted that he was at a later date. The day I left him in a parking lot texting one of his lovers while lying to me about the whole situation. Of course, he told others that it was me that was at fault. It was natural to be angry but who would want to sink to his level? He could not tell the truth about arrangements and situations. It would make him look bad and he could not do that to the lovers that he attempted to keep in his circle. One thing that he did not count on was betraying them and they, in turn, contacting my husband and I. I had been used. It is okay. The more that I have healed, the more that the focus has been elsewhere. The more indifferent I feel towards him, the more he will feel the pain. When a narcissist learns that they no longer have any power over you, it is like the hot sun baking an egg on a hot sidewalk. My sidewalk leads away from the turmoil of a mentally ill mind that has others do the dirty work for him.

We received an email from the person not long ago with excuses. It is typical as with all of his victims. That is the revenge. Oh .. and the 5 letters that went out to the husbands of his "victims". After all, they should know as the world knows my sins coming through the malicious intent of one of his current lovers who cheated on her husband to maintain the relationship. At least we did it in a letter and not on the world wide web. Or should we post the letters for the world to see? Stay tuned .. My advice, stay away from any form of anything to do with someone who does not care about you, be it revenge, contact, or your precious energy. We deserve so much more out of this life.