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Wonderful Rants of a Coward

I had worked outside until after dark and came into an email inbox full of this. Once again, our adult bully is playing the victim card. She believes that in my 'spare time', I am creating imaginary profiles to 'stalk' her and she puts out the comments for her army of chaos to comment. And who is 'Porter'? A new husband? The new lover, perhaps? A new boyfriend?! This is the post of a high school drama queen! And for the record, please see what she has written about 'stalking' me ...

Annettekaye Bedwell, february 15, 2018 94 times in writing I have asked you to stop So I got another email from complaints board... a mentally ill person??? it is time to use that to benefit me... if all the claims out there made by one person were true; I would be committed…. and I would have solved this problem long a very violent end to all this craziness online... but because I am not mentally ill I have tried to be patient, use the justice system, and now it is time to let the brothers loose... I am at the end of you lying online about me... my brothers offered at the dr phil show airing to solve my problems with you... I told them to have pity because you are so twisted that you don't even realize what you do... you know from the newspaper articles that I host biker rallies... you might not know that my father road as an angel... yes the motorcycle club that makes the news for the redemption of souls or maybe a reckoning with souls... some say once a brother always a brother... your post on complaint board and the lies in your blog created me to do 2 things... I called my brothers... and with tear filled eyes I said "I need some help" and I looked up assessor information for your brothers last name, and your last name, (by the way you still don't own a house or property) the reason to look this up was to find your churches. the judge reminded me that geographical is how you know where to worship. yep I have brothers in the neighborhood... now thru your writing about me I know your husband is home alone during the day (4 school days were approved in the minutes) and graveyard shift, you state that your son is there but my brothers walk silently throughout the community.. some are tattooed, some ride really loud bikes, some are dr. and lawyers, some carry 35 mm and some carry 9mm, some are loud and proud on facebook and wear their patches on their backs (look up what “patches” means). some are more reserved and quietly mix in for the perfect reckoning... I spoke to the president of idaho falls tonight... a very nice man with a very deep voice, he said the idaho falls chapter is 590 of the 500, 000+ across the us. but remember women can't be members so that 590 is probably closer to 1500. I ride with them but am not aloud a patch. but you do drive to and from work, you show your ponies, and my brothers seen and copied the picture of your new suv along with the car you keep in your driveway, and the pickup you farm with, I don't know what geo tags are but it seems your phone adds this to your pictures... (even the pictures of tobias) some of my brothers are computer geeks, and accordingly your po box on your new web sight is different than this geo tag thing when you use your phone... Now my brothers are in a holding pattern, they have watched you for the last 7 years torment me, lie about me, get on tv and lie, they have watched their lil' sister go to court and beg for the constitutional rights america has given me, they know your name, your church, your work, your family, they have looked through the web sight and the court folders, and they have offered to help, I am giving you one more chance... stop your self from following me, lying about me, speaking of me, telling your sad and twisted stories online and in court papers. one brother (that is a lawyer) read your affidavit... and that alone pissed him off... as you know I am a proud supporter of the militia... even the group that is less than 1/2 a mile from my home... (ask yourself why I moved to redneck north idaho) I have brothers so angry with the court case that the names and address of those involved were written down. I gave my brothers copies of the 93 times formally in writing I have begged you to stop... now it is time for you to show some integrity... you keep saying you moved on but you haven’t but you can fix all of this... stop yourself... you wrote affidavits full of forged documents and lies... straight up lies... fix it... tell your attorney to file an amendment and tell the judge the truth... as you were quoting the bible yesterday I thought of the commandment “thou shall not bear false witness” delete all your bs from complaint board and scam report... stop blogging about me... stop telling people you are talking to my family when you just know that is not true... (not sure who you are talking to but if they are talking to you they are not part of my family) but my brothers are 500, 000+ strong and this mental illness crap... if you believed it you would be scared of me... I mean you posted that I beat my own child and went to jail for it, someone I love, if my mental health is as bad as you say you should be worried... but you are not you just keep picking at me... I know how to drive to idaho falls, and I know what you drive so why poke sticks at the snake... stop it... here is where the holding pattern sits... keep it up and I will make just one more call. one is all it will take as a lil’ sister reaches out for help, your first instinct will be to copy this and post it as a rant... I am telling you to stop yourself... look over your shoulder... is my brother standing there? or is it just crazy annette with mental illness and her new 38 revolver? (my criminal record speaks for itself…. what does yours say about you??? it told my brothers a lot, no one likes a thief or a liar, at one meeting over drinks a brother said it would be a public service if that one stopped stealing from people….) look close because you just never know who wants to buy a pony, or is following your blog... your second instinct will be to call bonneville county sheriff... (or are you worried about gilbert talking to bonneville). because you have a permanent injunction and I have followed every word of it... I do hope you call them; a record of me once again asking you to stop would be great…. but they will call benewah county (but…. am I in wa tonight when I posted this, did I have dinner with my husband or johnny) and they have the 125 exhibits from the restraining order I filled... so they are already aware of you and your lies... they also know I have tried every legal avenue to get you to stop... bonneville county has all the adams and grant county police reports, they have the 350, 000 pages of you pestering me, and since the 125 exhibits were filed I have 3 more months of you just being a freak…. you just can’t control your self “moving on” and you stating “this is my last post about her” so that you and the sheriff are fully informed this is just information about “””my family that does have my back”””…not the family that you made up and chat with about me. you need to stop yourself….. from lying about me….. and you should make amends like god told you too…. you are absolutely right about “””bully syndrome is a chronic disease. this is a disease which is a mental condition created by a broken mind, jealousy, and poor self-esteem. this is a disease where one enjoys the misfortune of others, attempting to create the persona of being better, more accomplished, and well-adjusted in their lives. it is a disease that distorts the truth and makes the bully tell one lie after another for their own benefit. a disease which makes the lies into truths in their own minds. a disease which also keeps the mad-up stories as "real truth" in their sick minds.”””” you have a sick mind….. the dr (that is not a dr) told the judge haha you continue to banter, lie, and defame me…. I have tried all legal avenue’s to get you to stop…. maybe explaining who my family is will get you to think it through…. family is not always biological but family is always loyal and protective. especially when lil' sister is in tears... before you react... do a little research... about who my "army" really is... so sad that on february 14th you are plastering lies on the internet instead of being a loving wife and mother... but you said it best..."this is a disease which is a mental condition created by a broken mind, jealousy, and poor self-esteem." "a disease which also keeps the mad-up stories as"real truth"in their sick minds." yes you spelt made-up wrong ... "

For many years, this has been her habit. She does not like it when her words are played back to her. Of course, she does not tell her army the truth, the monies owed, the court case that she claims would never happen. There will be court cases in the future, we are sure of this, and our hope is that cyber bullying will be taking seriously! We understand her illnesses, her living experiences, and her need to revenge. We are prepared for such. My work phone and cell phone have hangups (today calls are being spoofed), we receive notices of apparent hacking, and we understand we have to have monitoring of our personal and asset accounts. It is a sad way to live but we will not back down from her ugliness. Our lives are full with home, family, children, grandchildren, vacations, and friends! This will not change because someone is miserable. This year has been the best year ever despite illness and the passing away of loved ones. No one cares about the drama queen anymore and no one cares about "stalking" her. Misery loves company and maybe she didn't get enough attention yesterday!