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This morning, my husband and I were surprised with a telephone call from the US Army, Inspector General's office. I had submitted several letters complete with documentation about the whereabouts of my son's ashes. I will be receiving a packet to pursue exhumation and DNA testing of the ashes of my ex-husband to see if they have been mixed with my son's ashes as proclaimed. If they are, we will be pursuing a major lawsuit against all parties involved. I am so grateful to my adult bully who provided much of this information and is filed court record. I will be pursuing this to the fullest extent of the law. For many years, I have been perceived as weak but as promised, the secrets are beginning to be revealed.

My ex-husband was a bully but I know that he was controlled by his wife. His wife was in rehab four different times for alcohol addiction. My son told me of times when he was as young as 13 years old, driving down the hill from their home to the corner grocery gas station and purchasing wine for her. My ex-husband had been addicted to prescription pain killers for years, even when we were married. They were mixed with alcohol. It is rumored that when my ex-husband passed away it was his wife that gave him the drugs for the overdose. He was due to divorce her and had already made arrangements to purchase a houseboat to live on away from her. Within a few days, he had passed away. I was given no opportunity to be involved in the funeral arrangements of my son and in fact, at first, was not even listed in the obituary. I fought for this right and now I am continuing on in my other rights. I am sure this will become very embarrassing for the parties involved. I had joint custody of my son, he had resided with me when his father rejected him. Despite the writings of my adult bully, child support had been paid off for many years. When my son came to live with me, he was heavily addicted to pain killers, alcohol, and meth. Since I have none of that in my home and he hadn't lived with me for years, this was none of my doing. Of course, it wasn't until recent that my adult bully admits to paying child support, even today, yet for years condemned me for doing so. But I am sure licensed ministers are allowed latitude that others are not.

I remember on Friday evening going to my ex-husband's home to pick up my son for my visitation time. I was told that I was not allowed to pick him up by the wife. I said, "Fine", I will take this up with my attorney on Monday morning! She grabbed my son, young at the time, and literally threw him down four cement steps onto the grass below yelling for me to take him. I would have never treated anyone's child in this way. My son spoke of going into his father's room, searching through his dresser drawers and finding empty envelopes of all of the gifts cards that I had sent him for Holidays and birthdays. He was told that I never sent anything. When he came to live with me, he accused me of never paying child support. I pulled out the folders of all correspondence and receipts and showed him that his child support had been paid off years before, he broke down crying and hugged me for an hour. He had been told he could not have the nice things that his step-brother did because I never paid support. I also showed him several folders full of copies of the envelopes and gift cards as well as the receipts for them, as I knew one day I would have to prove myself to him. What a horrible cruel act to do to a child. All of these documents along with custody papers, my birth certificate, my son's birth certificate, have been sent to the military to back up my story. The story so different than that publicly proclaimed by an woman who is twisted and backwards.

When my son passed away, a part of my heart died. He was my blue-eyed, curly blonde-haired, who called me "mama". He was conflicted; hurt by a father who told him lies and hurt because he was never allowed to spend the time with his mother that he wanted to. How selfish we can become as parents and in the end, it is our children that pay the price. Even in death, he was kept from me. No more; the blessings of strength and perseverance will prove my story. I will pursue this until it meets with truth, dignity, and a righteous end. Those who thought that they have gotten away with the lies will find the lies circling them, ready to pounce, and ready to inflict the hurt and pain that they have caused. The news will soon be worldwide as I continue in my firm resolve. My story has been passed on with paperwork to document the truth. I am sure the family will be embarrassed and humiliated. But what has been done to me all of these years?!

My silence has been my nemesis. I will no longer be silent. If my sins are to be laid bare, so are the sins of others. After all, I have learned my "Sunday School" lessons from my licensed minister of an adult bully.