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Sad To Be An Adult Bully

Bullies are a special breed of people. Their aggression starts at an early age. It takes a specific nature to start a fight, threaten, intimidate, and actively inflict pain on others. A bully can cause a great deal of misery to others and its effects on victims last for decades, perhaps even for a lifetime. The person hurt most by bullying is the bully herself and the negative effects increase over time. Most bullies have a downward spiraling course through life, their behavior interfering with learning, friendships, work, intimate relationships, income, and mental health. Bullies can turn into anti-social adults and are far more likely to be involved in child assault, domestic violence, and produce another generation of bullies. A woman bully has a far more subtle and complex meanness as we have experiences in our family.

Today, a letter was mailed to a state prosecutor with accompanying documents. An investigator from our county's sheriff department took the documents that were recently posted filled with physical harm and death threats. My employment has become involved as threats are to be taken seriously. I have hired a company to take negative items off the internet that a court directed our adult woman bully to take down and I will, again, file a civil suit for reimbursement costs when it is completed. Lobbying has begun for strict consequences in regards to cyber bullying with a team of 9 persons to date. With our negative energy from our bully there comes the positive. We will build a defense for others that are or have experienced the same kind of abuse that we have struggled with for many years.

To understand the behavior of bullies is to see how aggression is learned and how well the lesson is taken to heart. The existence of bullies tells us that the social needs of us, as human beings, is hugely dismissed. Our lives are meaningless and disposable. Unfortunately, there is no exact definition of a bully with exception that each case involves a repeated pattern of repeated aggressive behavior with negative intent directed from one person to another. The aggressive behavior is intended to cause distress and pain. There seems to be a favorable attitude for domination and a sense of satisfaction of hurting others. Dealing with a woman who is bullying and harassing our family and me, we have developed a resolve, persistent spirits, and in what used to embarrass and humiliate, we document and forward to those individuals trained to assist in such matters. Her pitiful army is just that; pitiful and weak! What is interesting is that her pitiful army uses her for their dirty work. Because she is self-absorbed in her righteousness, she is clueless to these acts. We find this amusing!