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August 31st

Can believe that today is the last day of August? Autumn is right around the corner! After an RV vacation to Lake Chelan, we are planning our Labor Day Weekend BBQ. It has been a wonderful year so far, beautiful children, incredible family, and phenomenal friends. Those who are loyal, kind, and good! Foil packs in the deep brick BBQ are on the menu! Archery competition in the field! it doesn't get better than this!!

I have learned this past month about the mindset of our bully. Have you ever met a person who is one kind of person in one way and then completely different away from those persons she tried to make believe she is kind and good?! I am sure we have all met a person like this! Today, I received another call from Eastern Washington. Someone else who has been hurt by our bully. Someone's wife who was hurt by our bully having an affair with her husband. It seems to be the common denominator with our bully. Yet, she blames me of having affairs. Typical! After a two-hour conversation with this distraught woman who has never recovered from what happened to her and her husband, I get a sense that the issue never was me, it was her! Her insecurities and complete lack of empathy is clear.

Although they may never be diagnosed (even though our bully has been and we read such behaviors in her personal bogs), the perpetrators of narcissistic abuse are typically those who behavior meets the criteria for one or two Cluster B Personality Disorders; Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) or Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD). These are individuals with strong propensity to exploit others, due to having low levels of emotional empathy, inability to feel remorse, and the pathological ability and desire to deceive and manipulate. Narcissistic relationships have an idealization period during which narcissistic intentionally MANUFACTURE A SOULMATE PERSONNA at the beginning of the relationship that is not who they genuinely are in order to encourage targeted partners to become vulnerable to them quickly and fall in love! In my telephone call with this wonderful woman, I found that our woman bully not only did this to her husband but to the friend that I had had. It was always a soulmate post about him! Once the narcissist has gained the trust and confidence of the partner, the "true self" of the narcissist shows itself. The abuser turns on the partner and behaves in cruel ways, such as verbal abuse, withholding love and attention that was previously and freely given, intentionally manufacturing emotions such as jealousy and insecurity, and engaging in various forms of betrayal. OUCH! Exactly what was done to this person's husband. This is exploitation and abuse! I know how this feels. I have been the receiver of her abuse for many years.

Wonderful attributes that I have learned are courage and strength. When I look around at all I have accomplished after our court win against her, I am amazed! I have to thank HER, our woman bully, for learning the meaning of self-worth, hard work, and building a life in silent success!

PS: Dear Woman Bully! Be sure to copy and paste this post and add it to the 350,000 pages you have and this will be your 3001 "email" for your records!