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The Other Side of the Story

Saturday was beautiful .. cool, crisp, and a great way to end a work shift. Yes, an all nighter! But that is what a wife and mother does when taking care of her family. In the afternoon, my son presented me with flowers; sunflowers which have always been my favorite next to daisies. Plans are being made for football season and Thursday will be pizza and goodies to start the year with his favorite football team.

I had a conversation with another one of my sons. I showed the posts of our woman bully and they laughed at how much she does not know about our lives even though she claims she does. Her need to be superior, to be right, to be perfect is written in her lines of awkward sentences, capitol letters, and insults. It makes me remember one of my professors telling me, that in her mind, she is not lying, she is trying to prove to the world that I am the weak one. We know that she will go to extreme lengths to prove that she is right even by presenting mind-bending theories, alternative facts, and plain lies to her small army. She is a coward in the fact that she cannot act alone; she never could. She had to call, write letters, and post publicly her need to be right and superior. She copies and pastes away anything that she believes is about her. AND claims that we are threatening her directly even though for years, she started and continued her malicious crusade against me.

It is comical in the way that life presents itself. Yesterday, I received TWO Facebook messages from persons in similar circumstances; being stalked and harassed by an unstable cyber bully. It makes me wonder what our world is coming to. The internet can be a blessing but it can also be a curse. Unfortunately, their stories are similar to ours. I remember getting off the telephone after speaking to one young woman and thinking how horrible that our world has become A twisted sense of entitlement; just because one can be mean makes it right. New laws will be written and hopefully, stricter consequences will ensue. I know that my case was unusual and it was even more unusual to win damages. I feel sorry for the weak that do not stand up to assist those who are being bullied and hurt. This has happened in my own experience and no longer will I stand for it. There will be another court case and I will fight even harder because I have more to win with than I did before. Just read her works on the internet. Whatever she posts, I will give the other side of the story. My side! After all, she can do nothing more to me. Her damage has been done. I can repair it moving forward with my attitude strength, and courage. I have lived through it.