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Holiday Day

There is one thing that I have learned over the weekend. There are those that will only remind you of the bad that you did and not make sure to add the good acts with it. Of course, there is a name for those kind of people. People who cannot live their own lives and are consumed with the lives of others. There are also those who are cowards and refuse to rebut those that criticize. For the benefit of my online cyber bully, who in public post, said she follows my blog *copying and pasting to hers*, rebut means "to overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof, to prove to be false or incorrect". How sad for the bystanders! I have to laugh because over the past weeks, more and more has been disclosed about the life and times of my cyber bully. I knew that this would happen one day. Karma has its own timing in showing herself.

Today is a Holiday! Fair time with the family, my children, a grand child, all those who my cyber bully states have abandoned me. In my driveway, two motor homes of friends who are joining as well. This morning was a practice archery match, beautiful breakfast meal outside in the cool air, and the dogs and cats hanging out and waiting for the crumbs to fall to the ground. Justine is fat with puppies, soon to be born. Beautiful Border Collie pups. Her mature face and slower gait comforting. Animals provide an unconditional love that humans cannot. They do not care of the mistakes that a human makes. They always approach with a smile; not condemnation. For my cyber bully, condemnation means "the expression of very strong disapproval, the action of condemning someone to a punishment". Of course, I have been under the guise of condemnation by my cyber bully for many years while she protests to be the saint, a minister, who is in the process of writing her own bible. To be expected from her.

Today the cut hay fills the air with a wonderful aroma. I have to laugh. Because I am told I cannot do the things that I say I do. That my life is all a lie. She wrote:

"CANDALEE PARKER SPINNING You just have to get the last word Therapy is fine my therapist reads your posting and we chat or giggle cuz it is too much. PRIVATE SECTOR no not me THE SMART ONES HAVE PEOPLE WORKING FOR THEM while they are enjoying profits. Did you finish your memoirs about life in prison? Or are you working on one about FLEEING to not go to jail? I like this little game you have to play... with 3 MBA's and you are a secretary... YOU COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE than what you did... but as I talked to your past I realized You did the best you could from the psychology you were working with. The lies in your blog are so helpful in my book... I don't comment on the blog but it makes for good reading as I write in my books about this 7 year test of my patients. BY THE WAY Johnny is doing good...I know you don't care...HAHAHAHA"

Let's outline .. She admits to her therapy but denies it in other posts. Her therapists laughs. Of course, the therapist does; he/she is only hearing cyber bully's side of the story. "SMART ONES HAVE PEOPLE WORKING FOR THEM while they are enjoying the profits". Of course, cyber bully has the smart ones work to pay the taxes for her to collect her government check and food stamps. "YOU COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE that what you did .." Whoa, how does she know that I am not working to my full potential? She makes fun of me just being a "secretary" at a school. She makes fun of me taking care of an ill husband, who she makes fun as well. She has no idea of our business, our farm, and my full potential. The medical classes, the work with our kidney doctor, the radio programs, and the list goes on and on. But I work as a secretary for the school. Her narrow sight does not realize the role of a school secretary, the education required, the certifications, the time, the teaching, and the state work. I overwork, serve, and donate time to make up for past mistakes. This is truth. Obviously, she has not stalked me long enough to find out this truth. Her reality is the stories spinning in her head that will evidently add to her insanity and demise. Yes, I have written about many experiences of being in prison. You see, my past no longer brothers me. And FLEEING .. Interesting as my cyber bully contacted my employment and posting my address as she was looking for my telephone numbers. She has known right where I have been this whole time. She was even sending "bikers" to my home to have me physically hurt. She threatened me with her gun, AND she had pictures of our vehicles and animals. How could I be fleeing?

Here is her post, "yep I have brothers in the neighborhood... now thru your writing about me I know your husband is home alone during the day (4 school days were approved in the minutes) and graveyard shift, you state that your son is there but my brothers walk silently throughout the community.. some are tattooed, some ride really loud bikes, some are dr. and lawyers, some carry 35 mm and some carry 9mm, some are loud and proud on facebook and wear their patches on their backs (look up what “patches” means). some are more reserved and quietly mix in for the perfect reckoning... I spoke to the president of idaho falls tonight... a very nice man with a very deep voice, he said the idaho falls chapter is 590 of the 500, 000+ across the us. but remember women can't be members so that 590 is probably closer to 1500. I ride with them but am not aloud a patch. but you do drive to and from work, you show your ponies, and my brothers seen and copied the picture of your new suv along with the car you keep in your driveway, and the pickup you farm with, I don't know what geo tags are but it seems your phone adds this to your pictures... (even the pictures of tobias) some of my brothers are computer geeks, and accordingly your po box on your new web sight is different than this geo tag thing when you use your phone... " This is how a bully works; attempt to control and dominate. Here is her threat, "look over your shoulder... is my brother standing there? or is it just crazy <her name> with mental illness and her new 38 revolver?" Well, I guess that is admission enough.

"don't comment on the blog but it makes for good reading as I write in my books about this 7 year test of my patients." Of course, our cyber bully comments everywhere else but too much of a coward to quote on my blog. Is it "patients" or "patience"?

"BY THE WAY Johnny is doing good...I know you don't care...HAHAHAHA" The day that I met Johnny in the restaurant, I recorded every word. He admitting to lying to me and he admitted to not being the person that he had portrayed himself to be to me. Funny, I am not the person that he thought I was, so I guess we are even. I always will wish the best for him but he doesn't even deserve a fleeting thought. He lied to his wife, his daughter, and to himself. I did not do that. Heck, he can't even be truthful to our cyber bully. I learned that day that he was a weak, sad individual and wanted no more of him. He has to live with what he did to me. He has to live with what he has done to other women. My husband and I thank him for that day. In his truth, movement forward and away from the sad and destructive. As I have written before, "Standing strong can be healing. Do I care what is on the internet? No! There is enough written for people to read and make informed decisions about what is true and what is not. Our bully's rants give great detail into her personality, her threats, and to proving who is really the bully despite her pleas of harassment and abuse. After all, we have already proven that it is the bully who cries victim the loudest! Our revelations have come through and survived a court of law and we are not the party paying damages."

Now, on to a beautiful day! Sunshine, family, and great food. It can't get better than this!