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Attitude of Gratitude

Albert Einstein once wrote, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as thought nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” When you recognize your gifts, even in the face of adversity, you know there’s a reason to carry on.

This is where I am grateful for my bully. She has taught me how to be strong and courageous, especially against her! Her teasing and taunting are comical. Our family has never been as close as we are now. Sundays are suppers and fun. Sunday, my father celebrates his 82nd birthday among family and friends. No abandonment here! In fact, my father and I are partners in our business and we are having amazing adventures.

My husband had another surgery yesterday. I love the way my bully teases about my husband's illness. I know that it is because of my love and devotion that he has lasted longer than expected. A miracle, really. I guess because she cannot stay married, she only defense is to pick on us! I have learned the lessons that when she is attempting to publicly humiliate me, she is only dissatisfied in herself. She runs and calls those who will listen to her whimpers of being victimized. A coward's way out.

Classes begin again on Monday and kinships that have become stronger will see each other again. I measure my success as the distance between my bully and I. Success will show her that what I have talked about it true. It is not my fault that she remains stagnant in her world, leaving it only to strike out at me. And this is okay, as my stand-alone against her attitude has become monumental in resilience.

Today, I finished putting up new blinds in our kitchen, the home is clean, the yard looks amazing, and all is ready for our family BBQ tomorrow. This is my last graveyard shift and I will have my weekends back. Blessings of hard work have placed me in a position to have such. My boutique has been ordered and will be ready for Spring. The archery track is almost complete and a sweet, new pony prances in the paddock. Yes, thank your, cyber bully, for putting perspective on what is important in my life and what is not. I hope you are having as amazing of a weekend as I am ..