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Sunday, September 30, 2018

I love ME. The world has a need for me. I am unique. I can and I will do things to promote healing in my life. I can handle this one step at a time. The sun is shining; I am ready to take on another day.

This morning, we received a strange email from a person that is obviously quite hurt by the actions of another. It is not an unusual story and we have been receiving such emails and telephone calls for the past year. We do have one person in common; our adult woman cyber bully.

We were sad to listen to this man's story. We offered empathy because we understand the same. How does one get past the betrayal and pain? I believe that we do not; we endure and find a way to turn a negative experience into positive that will assist others in this same kind of journey. We can forgive but we do not forget how this person has made us feel and the damage she has done. It is okay now. We understand that she cannot help herself even though she makes others believe she is kind and good until they do something that makes her rear her ugly head and become mean and cruel. So much damage has done by her and yet, look that the blessing that we have had because of her malicious actions. My handsome husband is feeling better from his surgery. Our home is filled with love, we have taken in a homeless friend who is slowly rebuilding herself, and the laughter and smiles of children and grandchildren fill the rooms. Our puppies are clamoring all over us for love and fun, the leaves are turning brilliant Autumn colors, the wood pile is full and ready for Winter, and the hay is covered and ready for snow days. Meals have been taken to those who are in need, surgeries and new babies .. And a wonderful renewal with a brother has brought happiness and blessings. Sunday Supper at the home of my parents with brothers, wives, nieces, and nephews. This is the life that our cyber bully has filled us with and we are more grateful than upset with her.

When someone in your life presents themselves as mean, cruel, and selfish, thank them for showing you that this is not the person that we want to me. Because Sundays and every day of the week is filed with love, life, and kind gestures.