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8 October, 2018

I love the rain! It rained all night and still raining! There has been snow falling around us so I bet we are next!

There are some many important and wonderful things in life. It is important to know and understand all types of people, how to read people, and how to decide who to be around. Life is too short. We are all on our separate journey and it is important who we take with us and who we associate with. It is important to be happy, positive, confidence, and optimistic in life. There are those who just want to be miserable and they have to pull others into their little army of despair. I think we all experience this once and again.

Valuable lessons were learned this week as there are those who wanted to be mad were mad and those who wanted to be sad were sad and those who wanted to be mean were mean. To all of them, I smile. I pray for good things to happen to them as they have happened to me. I wish them joy and reward in their journey. This is the correct life choice.

All life choices! A field was plowed, my garden areas tilled, summer furniture wrapped and put away for the winter, and wood carefully stacked for cold days. I was amazed at the accomplishment this year. No person is putting a damper on my joy; not even the doctors with their vague medical predictions for my husband.

Change assists us in having abundant joy and peace. I love going home from a long day at work, seeing our animals, and enjoying our home. Comfortable, warm, and secure away from the ills and heartaches of the world. It makes today a great day!