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Seize The Day

What a beautiful Sunday! What an incredible weekend! The weather turned cold but our smiles and hearts were warm with love and family. Saturday brought my son's birthday party with a full spaghetti feed and his favorite birthday cake. My son stayed the night and we snuggled on the couch watching old movies and playing with puppies.

It has been a rough few years between husband's illness, my stalker bully and her negative comments and threats, hard college classes, and lots of work hours. But what a blessing it all has been! Sometimes we don't envision trials as blessings but they are. They help us grow into productive, resilient and courageous individuals. I am proud of all that has been accomplished this year and the great people that I have met in the travels. They have given me advice and support that I otherwise would not have had should I not experienced the trials.

We saw our breath in the air this morning as we fed the animals and let the dogs run the acres. A pesky possum broke open a bag of dog food and left its trail of crumbs through the field. We laughed as we repackaged and moved all the animal feed to the locked tack room. It is that time of year and the wildlife will be stocking up on the winter food. Our log piles are secure for the wood stove weather and the hay bales are covered for the winter blast. There is nothing better than knowing that our family is taken care of as we move into the harsh winter months. Food storage of our canned fruits and vegetables are ready, the freezer is packed with meat, and the shelves are full of necessary paper products in case of being snowed in. We have family not far away and I can ride on of the horses to check on our parents if need be.

As a look around, I feel contentment and pride. The year will end as wonderful as it began; my incredible husband, my family, my animals, my employment, all bringing joy and satisfaction. A date night of pasta and dessert, a ride to see an October celebration, and the birthday bash of a handsome son! It doesn't get any better than this!