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The Blessing of Self Worth

Today I awoke to two emails describing a person that wishes to crush my self-worth by dwelling on past mistakes and misconceptions unique to her own mind and sickness. I laughed as I responded, "so what .. " She has nothing but her past anger, despair, and unhappiness of dwelling in the past and pining over a man she will never have marry her. Truth has been revealed and it will continue to do so as the emails ping my computer and the telephone calls keep coming in.

I have learned so much over the past years and I have her to thank for this. Yes, I thank her! I thank her for not making a mistake with a so-called man who cannot tell the truth, I thank you for completing and continuing on with my college education (she said that I never could), and I thank her for a new, and healthy me (she made fun of me publicly for being overweight)! My value did not decrease because she refused to see me as person, it did not decrease because she could not win her battles against me, and it did not decrease me because of her negative internet presence about me. As I have stood my ground, my value has increased. It has increased for me, my husband, and for my family members. I have set boundaries, set higher standards, and working on resolving the sins of my past. Besides I have learned that judgment of me does not assist her in her smugness and battle, it disengages and destroys her self worth.

Internet posts can be reported and filed for further court actions, words become the words of the past, and only she can control the illnesses that affect her brain and body. My road shows movement forward and away from her. I love how her paranoia thinks that I am still stalking, harassing, and her cries of victim still penetrate the internet even today. Who cares?! I have learned that the important people are aware of her typical psychology and even more important understand her plight.

Know your self worth and if you do not, start taking the steps to find out how worth you are. It is not an easy world today so every effort needs to be made in developing our own characteristics and talents to promote self worth and self care. Draw in if you are giving too much of yourself. Concentrate on yourself first. Take classes, read good books, exercise, and mold yourself into the person that you wish to be and admire. It starts with a baby step .. Increase the ability to see your own self worth!