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CountDown to Christmas

A good attitude is a choice. Just tell yourself "I will be in a good mood! No matter what crosses my path!" You can do this!

My life has been filled with blessings abundant and it is amazing how easy it is to have movement forward with positive heart and mind. We have had a couple of scary moments with my husband but he seems to rally. Our home is filled with love and he enjoys being there instead of a hospital room.

The weather has been cold; below zero for quite a few days. I have had to carry hot water to the troughs for the livestock and the chickens. This has been great exercise and makes me feel blessed that during the rest of the year, water flows on its own to give the animals refreshment and necessary fluid.

I have learned the value of human tenacity. Having a positive attitude despite the trials of illness and cold get me through it all. The mean people in our lives have seem to have disappeared even though a telephone call or email or two reminds us that they are still lurking and checking up on us! We pray daily for them that they can become so happy with their own lives that they can forget that we exist. I understand our woman bully's plight to find and share our disasters like our medical bankruptcy. It must be refreshing for her to live off the government and not have to worry about how to pay medical bills and expensive private insurance. It must be okay to live in filth and cigarette smoke. I do not; I provide a clean, secure, and comfortable home to all who are welcomed into it including home care nurses who faithfully care for my husband. I pay for his prescriptions out of pocket and it is refreshing that I have employment, perseverance, and work ethic to provide such. Of course, my woman bully mocked my weekend night employment thinking it was beneath me when in fact, she cannot do it at all.

Pray for her, pray for her family that they are patient with her and her embarrassment, pray for those who follow in her wayward cult of anger and revenge, and pray that her heart will actually change to being a Christian as she professes to be.

Enjoy the reason for the season. It is amazing and beautiful!