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Be Strong!

Movement Forward

The snow is beautiful; flurries outside our bedroom window. I have received an email that was amazing. My manuscript has been received and a decision will be made over the next 8 weeks whether or not it will be going into production. This has come from many edits, long hours of re-writing, and the assistance of paid editors to offer their advice and encouragement. Public posts, emails, text messages will describe the attitude and psychological abuse by a woman bully and cyber stalker and a man who cannot tell the truth. It will give the public informed statements to make informed decisions about what has really happened over the past 8 years.

I learned more of the psychological makeup of my bully these past weeks. I have been given relief and knowledge that this person is mentally ill and unstable. Her life illustrates her frustration, her rage, and her inability to be in touch with reality. This is a dangerous person. Our public needs to understand that person such as this exist and they choose to attack the lives of others. It is a conscientious choice.

In spite of all that has happened, our lives are filled with happiness and blessings. My advanced education is lifting me to new heights and experiences. Being devoted to my family and employment has made me feel loved and appreciated. I am grateful for my husband, who even feeling not the best, supports, cheers, and expresses love daily, hourly and by the minute. This are the moments that are important and not the energy wasted on an old woman who cannot control her emotions.

If you are experiencing such attacks, write me an email and share your actions and reactions with such a person. We can only make changes in the world if we take a stand and be strong!!