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Keep It Simple

I love making recipes from scratch .. Isn't this the way that we start a new day? From scratch; from the very beginning, a new chapter, a new story, the movement forward a clear path. What happens when other persons do not allow for a new day, a new way, second chances?

Adult bullies love to reveal the shortcomings and mistakes of others. It seems to make them feel superior. It can make one uncomfortable if they let it. Remember, being bullied by an adult is not like a bully in middle school slapping the books out of your hand or tripping you in the hallway. An adult bully is calculating and cruel. Our adult bully has been on her life-long journey to humiliate, embarrass, harass, victimize, and the list of words can go on. She <giggles> at the misfortune of others; not just me but those she thinks breaks the law. Little known is her struggles with law enforcement and the justice system. Karma has a way of working itself to the forefront of anyone's life!

In the past year, I have learned to never be afraid to speak your mind and not keep anything inside before exploding. I have learned so much about life this year, I can write about it. As a fellow person in the writing and blog world, I advise people to never be afraid to speak up and stand for your rights. If you see something not right, speak up! If people want to tease and taunt you about things that they do not know, speak up! If people don't know what is going on with you and they run their mouth, speak up! Life is hard battle in just the living and surviving these days. You must be strong and have a back up plan! Speaking your mind and standing up for yourself is necessary. It does not have to be done in a negative way but you can take a stand and stand up for what you believe in. After all, my stalker/cyber bully has taught me this well. By law, I am allowed the freedom of speaking out against her negative behavior and cruel acts towards me. Her issue is one-sided; she is allowed to do it to me but I am not allowed to do it to her! We have all been allowed the freedom and the voice to speak up! Nothing is wrong with speaking up, nothing is wrong with the freedom of expression as long as we do it diplomatically and in a positive way.