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No One Owns Me

No one owns me! Those who try to control other people are neither nice or respectful. Controlling people are self-centered and immature. They want to hinder you leading a fulfilling, independent life. With the easiness of hiding behind a computer screen, they want to demean and control how persons feel about you. Our stalker/cyber bully writes in her recent post that "I OWN YOU! I have the control. I OWN YOU... I'll always be better than you." Of course, she is referring to me. Of course, she is unraveling in her words. Better than me? This is not a competition; we have two separate lives and we have different value systems. At least, I have admitted my shortcomings and making great strides to better myself; academically, professionally, and personally. One has to examine a stalker's behavior. Her internet posts are public. There is no expectation of privacy. Believe me, no one goes out of their way to stalk her. There is nothing to stalk. She is obsolete, small, unimportant in our part of the world. We do not live in the past, we do not dwell in the past, and past mistakes are working to be taken care of. We do not care about her. We pray for her as we do others. We have examined her behavior, her moodiness, her mental illnesses that SHE wrote publicly about and still does, we know that she has a temper and uses it, she wrote about it publicly. Look at what she writes publicly; rambling, incoherent statements. How can she own me if she cannot own herself! When we understand the behavior, we understand how to move away from the negative person. Controlling people often do not have close friends and rarely are friends with others who are more attractive, intelligent, or well-liked more than themselves. They tend to be jealous of the popular, successful people, and will criticize those held in high-regard by others. A lack of close friends may be one additional sign of their inability to tolerate others and their need to control relationships tightly. How true is this!! We know that she is sexually promiscuous and uses this ability to control men. She claims to be the victim to solicit sympathy and uses this as a control measure as well. Unfortunately, I am the person she lashes out at but it has become okay. She made fun of my weight, my counselor, and my employment. She taunted that we would never fight her in court. Her life; no way! Does she own me? No way! Relationships and friendships are not built on who is in control. They are mutual interactions based on shared give and take and always seeking balance. Be careful who you allow to control your thoughts and actions. And (giggle turned laughter), take every day as an accomplishment and enjoy the small blessings of getting better, stronger, and brilliant!!