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The Attention Seeker

After her posts of today, I realize that she is nothing more than hot air, the attention-seeker, because she can no longer do the damage or emotional pain that she once did. There are a few characteristics that I have noticed in her posts; her claims of victimology, her unravelings, her mental attempt to validate bad behavior. It has been become comical in nature; her "ownership" of me. Our adult bully's motivation is to be the center of attention. She claims that her blog hosts 450,000 followers. Exaggeration but her mindet is to be a control freak, to manipulate, a form of narcissism. Her malice level when held accountable is very high and she even attempts at feeble death threats.

We have found her to be the following:

  • Emotionally immature.

  • Selectively friendly; is sickly sweet to some people, rude and offhand to others, and ignores the rest.

  • She is cold and agressive towards anyone who sees them for what they areally are or exposes their strategies for gaining attention.

  • She can be overfriendly with a new target, especially in the initial stages of a new working relationship but don't question her intelligence.

  • She can become overhelpful, overgenerous.

  • She is manipulative of people's perceptions but in an amateur and childish manner.

  • She is manipulative with guilt, Sycophantic, fawning, toadying.

  • Uses flattery to keep a person in authority on side.

  • Everything is drama, usually a poor-me drama.

  • Prefers to not to solve problems with own life that they can be used and re-used for gaining sympathy and attention.

  • Capitalizes on issues and uses them as a soapbox for gaining attention.

  • Exploits others' suffering and grief as a vehicle for gaining attention.

  • Misappropriates others' statements; we notice that is is anything which can be misconstrued as politically incorrect, for control and attention-seeking.

  • Makes excuses for everything.

  • Shows alot of indignation, especially when challenged.

  • Incredible self-pity especially in the public view.

  • Demanding others to be accountable but cannot be accountable for her actions.

  • Easily provoked.

  • Feigns victimhood when held accountable, usually claiming that she is the one who is being bullied and harassed.

  • Presents as a false victim when outwitted.

  • May feign exclusion, isolation or persecution.

  • Malicious.

  • Constantly tries and will do almost anything to be in the spotlight.

  • The focus of her life is to be the center of attention which is why she posts publicly, attempts to contact our family members, our employments, our church leaders, and strangers.

Now that we have completed our list, we understand the nature of her madness! Carry on .. We understand your plight!