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Spiritual Manipulation

A HUGE THANK YOU to our new followers!

Interesting comments and greatly appreciated!

What is spiritual manipulation? Spiritual manipulation is a technique used by abusive individuals to control others and acquire gain, all the while giving the impression that their teachings are based on the Bible. Some persons, like our cyber bully, take scriptures out of context to persuade the uninformed that their interpretation is right, even to the extent that they alone have "the truth" and everyone else is wrong. Some individuals manipulate scripture for their own personal benefit, to make themselves seem more than they are and they are righteous and approving. I guess, obtaining a minister's license on the internet makes one a bible scholar!

Bullies who use spiritual manipulation have always been around! They are NOT HAPPY within their own lives unless they are fighting a battle. They tend to maneuver to get preferred placement among their peers.

Our cyber bully does not recognize herself as a bully. Yet four banker boxes and large amounts of evidence say otherwise. She sees herself as a necessary hero sent to save the world from me regardless of her sins and shortcomings which she does not relate to others.

Our cyber bully has a personal agenda. Any person or entity that is contrary to her perceived ideals of truth must be eliminated.

Our cyber bully seeks to form power alliances with weaker members that will follow her and conform to her ideals. Her forceful personality endows will and do not come against her. You will receive the same bullying characteristics as we do.

Our cyber has an intense and emotional personality. I am sure this is compounded with mental issues she suffers from. Her language and rough countenance are indicative of such.

Our cyber bully loves to gather tidbits of information and shape it into her own agenda; whether it is true or not. She seeks to get her own needs and entitlement.

Our cyber bully is allowed to bully because weaker persons will not stand up to her. It is in the past year, she is unraveling and angry that we are standing up to her and her antics.

When our cyber bully becomes bored or forced out of a situation, she will move to another with the same bullying mission. She has wrecked havoc in several relationships including lovers and families. I appreciate the response that we have received from those who have felt her wrath. It has made us realize that we are not alone and she chooses to continue in her "church" work because she pretends she can. We notice that she begins to use scripture when she is cornered in her words. But I guess that is the training that an internet license gives you!