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The Bully We Know

Why does our bully bully? Why does she continue in her quest of cyber bullying? It happens for the same reason as any other type of bullying. It is appealing to her because it can be done from a distance. She is a coward and refuses to face me one-on-one. She wants her social fringe of notoriety and fame. She has to convince persons of what she really is not because hurting others makes her feel all powerful and helps her cope with her low self-esteem and to fit in with persons that would otherwise not have her in their lives. She has no empathy and respectability is a word that she can only write but not live. Her actions are a portrayal of her hurt and illness. We understand that she can do no better than where she is at. . She can be depressed and anxious. She has issues with controlling her emotions, impulses, and refuses to follow rules. She refuses to face me because hiding behind a computer screen requires less courage and provides an illusion that she will not get caught. She is a cyber bully because she is ignorant of the consequences, she thinks her actions are normal and socially acceptable especially when she has to have others egg her on and do their dirty work for them.

In all forms, cyber-bullying combine devastating effects of in-person bullying with several added issues unique to its technical format. These factors magnify the feelings of shame and helplessness that the victims experience as a result of any type of bullying. It can be nearly impossible to rid the internet of offensive material that a our bully makes public. Once in cyber space; it is there forever. I have learned to take what she writes as a cry for help, she needs help, and we carry on because those that know us, know the truth. Her smear campaign has bcome a joke; and persons are tired of her rants. She needs to reach a large audience because she cannot work alone. This is a characteristic of a cyber bully; an army of misery is needed.

We have spoken to a woman who has been cyber bullied by a complete stranger and she is bewildered. This person is only thinking that they know her and has no idea of what kind of a beautiful person that she is. This is jealousy and envy. Something beautiful in our new found friend triggered the insecurities and pain of a stranger. The internet makes this possible. Of course, it is a coward that needs the internet to contain in a journey of harassment. Feeble-minded persons who have nothing better to do because if they did, they would be working on their own selves rather then the perception of what they think another person is.