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The Bully We Know

This morning, our bully turned on the “charm” and is pretending to be a victim in order to manipulate others to take her side. This is bullying at its worst. When a bully acts like a victim, she also gains the unwitting compliance of others into bullying you. Naïve compassionate people will chastise you for not caring about the bully’s victimization and not changing your desire to meet your bully’s desires. Although this particularly nasty form of bullying can occur in the home or workplace, it is potent when over the internet where it represents emotional blackmail.

Our woman bully is good at exaggeration and she exaggerates her pain and suffering across the internet. She wants me to feel guilty for her pain which I do not because I know that it is self-induced. I love how she frequently reminds me that it is my past actions that hurt her. She tried to replay this pain over and over to make me feel guilty for causing her pain when in reality; she is only deflecting the damage she has already incurred. She continues to plea for mercy long after the events have gone by and even after losing her court battle against me. She cannot get over the whole situation and continues in her thready disparages.

Thankfully, we understand her pathology and her words mean nothing. This is an important place in our lives. We won the battle and she is rowing against a current of exaggeration and despair.