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Taunts and Whisperings of a Coward

The word "taunt" means; to reproach in a mocking, insulting, or contemptuous manner. Today my woman bully (yes, an adult woman who should know better, used such words as:

"People are funny on the internet. Things they would never do in public (where they could be confronted) they do online. My STALKER doesn't drive by my house, she doesn't go to the coffee shop and say some of the crap she does online, she doesn't disguise herself (create fake profiles) to lurk around, but her STALKING online is a daily mess. Online she brags about accomplishments she has never achieved, (she is so cool that sainthood might be in her future) and when nothing else works she attacks my grammar/spelling... And I have learned from her how to spell Temple... Prison... Triple MBA... Sociopath... Pathological Liar.. Split Personality... Convict... Perjury.. Stalker... See you tomorrow"

I am very happy with the post. Isn't it an amazing post? Funny thing is, I do not brag about my accomplishments but my family does! Especially, my father! And he manages one of my businesses! I do not need to disguise myself because I am not ashamed of my past and the great efforts I have made over the past years to accomplish such. She taunts and teases but really it is her that is the daily mess.

I have not time to lurk around because I am busy with two employments in the private sector, completing teaching certifications, and enjoying my private businesses. I happily post photos of my incredible life on my Facebook page and she happily blocks me because she feels that if people see what I am really like, she will have to explain why she is spreading gossip and untruth. My accomplishments are posted on my Facebook page and I have a following that has gone through and still going through the journey with me. Well, maybe she is going through the journey with me because she will see you tomorrow". So, who is really lurking (giggle, giggle).

You have a couple of ways to deal with this kind of person, and depending on the person, some things might work. In the case of our coward of a bully, the items will not work because she suffers from a mental illness that does not allow her to think rationally and independently. These could be some items that might be of some assistance to you.

Ignore them: This will work with some people. You ignore them, they move on, easy! This may be a little cliche, but it can work. Sometimes. There are some taunters that are a little harder to get rid of. We have one and we love her! Her army of misery is unique.

Taunt back: It is not nice to give someone a taste of their own medicine. If you are confident, quick and witty, this may keep them quiet. Otherwise, keep the taunts to yourself. Write truth; write happy thoughts to them.

This is the one to use most; be uninterested. It is like ignoring people. In order to make them lose interest, you need to lose interest first. Make sure they know that they are saying is being heard but you could care less. Respond with boring answers; cool, amazing, totally, good for you, cute, right on, seriously!

Taking the higher road can be as simple as saying a prayer for them, understanding their issues, and making it fun! We do copy her words for court record as she has not complied with the orders of the court. Maybe she can come with my ex-husband to our Easter Brunch since she is best friends with him! Believe me, we have invited him! But this is the nice thing to do with bullies; be simple and be kind!