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Friday Blessings

I work in a school that is in session Monday through Thursday so I have Fridays to do as I wish. Since the weather people stated that it would be a sunny, warm day, I was up early working in our yard. The grass is beginning to get tall. Before Winter of last year, we had the entire (1 acre) yard thatched and fertilized. It has done its work. Our yard will be beautiful! I raked up old leaves and dead branches, tilled two flower beds, tilled an area where our peppers, onions, and tomatoes are being planted and stacked more firewood from a tree that had to be taken down. I had all of this accomplished by the afternoon and made supper for my family. Each of us have a defined purpose. We learn to develop and use our talents, resources, abilities and passions to held us decide what our purpose is. We may stray a bit and make mistakes along the way but it is our journey alone. When a mean person injects themselves in our journey, it can be frustrating! As I read a public post written by our cyber bully, I laughed and laughed and laughed again. Obviously, she has strayed from her journey in finding her purpose because she is too busy criticizing someone else's. I found out this evening that my children are coming to a birthday party for me. My ex-husband is even attending and the day is his idea. I have a son in the Air Force that has returned to the states for technical training near us and I am elated! I am blessed to have such a thoughtful family who cares and loves me and children who are excited to be with their mother. With family and a purposeful life, our journey begins to make sense. I have had real peace of mind, joy, fulfillment, and the power to succeed. Using my assets to fulfill my destiny is the salvation to the soul, my family, my community, and to my nation. I am grateful in hard work and perseverance to make my corner of the world comfortable, clean, and secure for those I love and care for. These are incredible blessings to enjoy.