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Happy Mother's Day

I love the word "essence" .. the basic, the real, and invariable nature of the significant features of us! When I thought of the essence of Motherhood, I came up with the following list:

The mother who, despite her difficult childhood, raises children with so much love and giving and instills in them levels of self-esteem which she wasn’t given.

The mother who works full time to support her family despite feeling guilty, because she thinks she doesn’t give her child enough attention.

The mother who takes into her home another’s child to give it the love and attention it needs and deserves.

The mother who is so artistic in designing her home to create an atmosphere of harmony.

The mother who despite not having given birth herself, loves the children in her life and enjoys every minute with them, trying to add to their parents’ efforts to raise them.

The mother who cares for her sick child and literally gives her all to support the health of her little one.

The mother who uses a lot of attention and love to create healthy and delicious meals for her loved ones.

The mother who has lost her child and grieves in silence.

The mother who carries on despite feelings of inadequacy and self-worth.

Maybe you can add to this list with your own personal experiences.

Remember that every day is Mother's Day because mothers keep the world keeping on.