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Choosing to Believe in the Best

It becomes exhilarating when you find out that you just don't care about what the stories are anymore. This is a great sense of accomplishment; a win earned. You see, for many years now, I have survived the weaknesses and harassment of a person who is mentally ill and unable to care for herself. I understand her mental state, her refusal to soak in fact and separate it from fiction. I understand the lunatic rantings of a woman who is so hurt from the inside out, she cannot understand how to solve her own pain instead of lashing out at others in hate and revenge. I know that I am not the only one who has experienced her wrath and I am sure we will not be the last.

A person that does not seek both sides of a story is one-sided, ignorant, and selfish. I am grateful that we have sought out truths that are essential for our healing. I am grateful for persons that reached out to us with their experiences and challenges with "one-sidedness". It is important to be fierce but gentle with someone who intends on causing great harm and harassment upon my family and me. I know that the stories about me will forever be on the internet and I know longer care. I have learned who my true loved ones are and who are the ones who have betrayed me. Their just reward will not be of this world but another. I am grateful for a loving and devoted husband, who despite my mistakes, loves me unconditionally and sees through the farce of others who claim honesty and integrity. My walk with harassment and an internet bully has netted blessings, adventures, and new beginnings. This is what happens when truth slowly beings to unfold.

A person, such as my bully, who talks about themselves as "honest, faithful, and loyal", may simply be introverted, and socially awkward, and therefore not have a lot else to talk about. They may also try to give themselves a sense of social relevance, not realizing that it is actually counter-productive. This is okay as the sense of truth is not within themselves and cannot be expressed. Unfortunately, as there is no progression but only staying in the rut of the past. Talking ill about others is a sign of weakness. As you can see in most cases, people who talk about others are the ones who are in the weak position. Gossiping or talking about others in a bad way in their absence is most cases a sign that shows that the person has certain personal flaws.

Be careful in negative information that you may hear about a loved one or a friends. Find the other side of the story. It could be your loss and not theirs.