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Movement Forward

Today I have received the best news ever! Movement forward! Degrees accomplished and now on to a new career in healthcare. A wonderful salary, benefits, and retirement! This has been a long time coming combined with sacrafice, perseverence, and tenacity.

Today I am grateful for those who did not believe that I would get to this goal. That thought because of my past, I would never have the future that I have worked so hard for. I have spent a couple of years making sure that my life was a silent success. There has been a stalker, there have been famiy members who have criticized and mocked my ambition. I can now smile and say, "I did it". On my own, with the encouragement and love of my husband and children.

Everyone says "work on your dreams". Follow your dreams and we should! One important aspect of life that I have learned this past year is to take time for myself. I have learned to live my life in the present while creating a process to plan my future. I have enjoyed the moments with my husband. enduring with him during his times of illness. I have worked two employments to care for my family for over four years. Soon, because of my new opportunity, I will be able to work one and be ahead! It has been important to pace myself and allow my dreams to slowly take place. My small business is flourishing, I am adding a storefront to our property, and we are expanding our arena. All of the things that I was told I could not do and I would never do.

Silent success and movement forward! It doesn't get any better than this!